DM vs. GM

Enter the Acorns

March 04, 2019 Season 1 Episode 4
DM vs. GM
Enter the Acorns
DM vs. GM
Enter the Acorns
Mar 04, 2019 Season 1 Episode 4
DM Sarah and GM Troy
Dani has a lot of explaining to do...
Show Notes

Wherein we introduce you to The Acorns! The mightiest adventuring company ever to grace the streets of Waterdeep… or at least they used to be. They are (in some particular order):

Dani the Uncanny

Following a total party kill (TPK) of the entire acorns roster by a beholder, Dani the office manager in Waterdeep, is left as the sole employee, head wizard, and sole proprietor of “The Right Order of the Spear, the Staff, and the Oak”.  Dani is a bookish young Wood Gnome who’s just trying to get the order back on track, even if he is having to break the Gnomes-Only tradition… 

Rina Ranthurth

The daughter of hill dwarf traders from the Rift, Rina was born and raised in the city, and has only been back to the rift once or twice in her entire life. Rina is a bit of a socialist revolutionary in priestly garb, and she’s taken up with a local Dragonborn Bard and decided that they are the one to play the soundtrack to her eventual revolution. After a night of hard drinking Rina snagged her bard and signed them both up with the Acorns hoping to make a name for herself, and more importantly her ideals.

Prixan of the Sun Hills

A flower child, Prixan was born in the communal hatchery of the Sun Hills sept of Dragonborn. A small community of artists, thinkers, and musicians seperated from the clan at large so as to prevent idleness among the clans youth, they are still seen as necessary for the entertainment and enrichment of the clan. Prixan was an unusual albino dragonborn, whose bloodline was Bronze despite their snowy white dragon-like appearance. The songs of the Sun Hills, the many volunteer “Mothers” who raised the communal brood up, and their largely peaceful lives had struck a chord with a bearded young dwarven cleric who’d agreed to let Prixan stay with her. Maybe it was the music, or maybe it was Prixans slim dragonic figure, or Prixans androgynous Bowie-like stage presence that attracted the dragon worshiping bearded dwarf woman.


Born to Mama Basilisk, the notorious noble girl turned elite assassin turned den mother of the Basilisk gang, Neeps strives to build a better life. An expert forger, Neeps has created another identity as Ahmedya Rodami, widow of the late (and fictitious) moneylender Willam Rodami. Trying to pull herself, and her twin brother Tatties, off the streets and into wealth and influence, she’s signed them both up with the Acorns, and secretly invested in several shares of the company through her alternate identity. A creature of Sarcasm and Sass, she’s going to make the Acorns work for her and her brother. 


An Urban barbarian, Tatties disposition was born of fighting with his 6 brothers, surviving the machinations of his twin sister, and enduring Mama Basilisks understanding of cuisine. He’s not a savage of the wastelands and wilderness, but rather a savage of the cobblestone jungle, and back alley survival. Tatties knows the sewers of Waterdeep like the backs of his scarred hands. Neeps, his twin sister, has gotten him to sign on with acorns, he’s not entirely sure why but Neeps usually has a plan with these sorts of things. And on the plus side he gets to work with a cool dragon, and a Dwarf who doesn’t smell like a sewer. 



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