DM vs. GM

Intimidating Bagpipes

February 17, 2019 Season 1 Episode 3
DM vs. GM
Intimidating Bagpipes
DM vs. GM
Intimidating Bagpipes
Feb 17, 2019 Season 1 Episode 3
DM Sarah and GM Troy
DM Sarah and GM Troy create a character for their upcoming Tyranny of Dragons Campaign!
Show Notes

The Character creation episode, Mark 2! 

Last time, on DM vs. GM, we announced that we would be doing a 5e game run by DM Sarah and played by GM Troy (me). This is the first episode in that series. Sarah will be running Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Over the course of this series I will take a party of first level adventurers through the machinations of mad dragons. 

In this episode we create the first character in the party, a Dragonborn with some interesting twists. In the coming days we’ll be posting the rest of our characters to the DM vs. GM blog

You might be wondering about “Mark 2”

Well we tried to generate all the characters first and I grew a little frustrated with D20 era character generation. As I’ve said on the show, I pretty much checked out at AD&D 2e, and It took us almost two hours to make me grok it. You live you learn. Anyways stay tuned, because next week, since we are behind a bit, there will be a bonus episode with outtakes from our first go!

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